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Passing it On

Calliopespen AND  Blissbait  have awarded me this lovely symbol of recognition for my blog.  To Danielle and Bliss, and all of you who visit Reflections of Me, as dancing spirits passing through anonymously or those who stop to share, bless, confide and hug, Thank-you ! Thank-you ! Thank-you ! You all make my day special, every day, knowing you are interested in what I have to contribute.




In the spirit of “passing on the love”, I would like to also hand the Gorgeous Blogger Award on to three highly deserving souls who never cease to inspire me.

Sara Fryd If you haven’t visited Sara’s blog before, please jump straight there. You will discover the most tender and delightful poetry and personal stories that you will find yourself returning again and again.

Notes Along the Path Join Pam and her readers along the path to spiritual growth in loving entries that spread a message of peace and re-generation through this world.

Belle A place where the Shadow Play of light and dark of Being is explored with exquisite simplicity and honesty.